You should not get a new debt before your settle down your student loan

You should not get a new debt before your settle down your student loan. To much of debt will make you suffer from your life. You must pay attention if you want to apply and use credit card. You must know how to use it wisely, if not, your finance will be getting into hot water. So for the time being, you can make start a budget, a plan, let say pay $100 every month for your student loan. I think this is the best way to settle down debt.

I’m new here and I’m attempting to pay off a student loan with a 20 hour a week job only making 9.25 an hour. I have a 17,000 dollar loan, and nothing to show for it. My university royally screwed me over forcing me to leave the school so now i’m going to another Univeristy part time until I can go full time again. I’m trying to pay off this line of credit, as well as my credit card. Any suggestions?

My advice for you is to get another part-time job. Deliver pizzas, babysit on the weekends, teach swimming lessons in the Summer. If you are really intense on getting rid of your debt, you will find a way. I am a firm believer in the Dave Ramsey way of paying off debt and building wealth. First step is to save $1,000, so in case of an emergency, you will not have to use that credit card. I wish you the best!

Someday there ought to be a class action suit for those of us with college degrees (I have a Bachelor’s and two Masters) who can’t get a decent job.

got one more, how about a class action against a trade school that “guarantees” that upon grad you start at 14-16 an hour, in reality, when you grad. (i was 3rd in my class) most couldn’t even get jobs. Now almost 4 years later, I am only making 12.67 an hour, deep in debt, can’t pay my student loan, ( they are keeping my tax return…I only made 21,000 and have 3 kids to support), The school is still pulling the same stunt, and pumping out their grads with false promises, and the gov’t still writes the loans….funny huh?

Not at all funny. I see those commercials for those trade schools, etc. with the promise of wealth beyond your imagination. The funny thing is I worked for one of them for a couple of quarters and unless I was missing something, none of the students would have been ready for the outside world.

Does anyone know the best way to consolidate school loans? Does anyone know the best place to go to consolidate school loans?

I have 3 loans right now with Sallie Mae. The first one is for all of my daughters school and some of my sons. It was already consolidated and I have a good interest rate.

The other two are not consolidated and are 6-8 percent. The payments total $325 on those. Add that to the 227 on the first loan, I am putting out $592 on school loans. Any suggestions? Any Ideas?

Has anyone used a debt management program? If you do not know what this is, it’s a program where you save money to pay creditor off in lump sums. You stop payments to the creditors while you save and this company is supposed to deal with the creditors and keep them off your backs. When you have enough saved they negotiate a settlement of about 50% of what you owe. Sounds good, right? Well we started one, and it has totally screwed us. Instead of waiting to settle, they have settled with one company and now that creditor wants their money NOW and of course we don’t have it. So we are going to try and get out of this company and start paying these creditors off slowly on our own. Any advice?