Re: How many times a day can a creditor call?

The FTC (federal Trade Commission) is who you are thinking of. They have a web site

There are rules for collections. If you have told them not to call you at work they have to stop, they can not call you on your cell phone, “you are costing me money don’t call me agian”. Look back in the archives here for some ideas how to deal with them. You can always just not answer the phone, or let the machine pick it up.

On the internet Look up The Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, it tells how the Collectors must be “the rules of engagement”.

You need to keep a log, who called, what number did they call from, time/date. And what if anything was said. You can always record it too. Hope that helped.

I have a question that is somewhat in relation to this. I got a cell phone from Verizon in August well almost immediately after it was turned on I started getting several calls from collections looking for “John.” I have told them that this is not his phone number anymore but they continue to call. How can I get them to stop?

Hey Everyone, Just a note to let you all konw that things in our household have come up against a new challenge. And all in one day…….are we good or what? Well my compnay filed bankruptcy last Oct and as a result I was moved to part time and lost my benefits so my husband got a second partime job to make up the pay difference. Well Monday my husbands company closed (main job) so now he id down to only a part time job. Of course there’s unemployment but it it isn’t a bandaid and we have to wait 3 weeks for anything. Well Monday night I ended up in the ER in diabetic shock ! Never even knew I had diabetes. I been so focused on my cancer recovery over the years I let other aspects of my health slide. SO as of the end of the month we will have NO insurance to handle any medical needs.

What we have will only get us through about the next 4 weeks (maybe 6 if I can just bare cupboard cook for a little while and not make any shopping trips in the couple of weeks). And truthfully we wouldn’t even have that if I hadn’t found you guys and had already started on our frugal living and following the absolutely great frugal financial and household advice I have gotten from you all. Thanks for sharing.

So moral of this story (especially for the younger ones who don’t believe they need to start worrying about stuff like this yet) PAY YOURSELF FIRST. No matter what you owe to anyone else SAVE something, anything for yourself!!! Take care !!

I’m so sorry for your lost jobs and diabetes ER visit! I hope you are feeling better and can control it. In regards to the unemployment, I would think with the unemployment rates at an all time low he’d be able to get 2 more jobs tomorrow!

Tell him to run out and get something, anything right now to make ends meet. I’m not sure what part of the country you are in, but what about construction, office work, UPS delivery, pizza delivery, etc.?? Check out Dave Ramsey’s website, He will help you get on the steps to recovery and prosperity!