I’ve been insulin dependent for 22 years and wear an insulin pump

I’ve been insulin dependent for 22 years and wear an insulin pump.

All you can really do is start off with the baby steps, and read when you want to know something. If you try to study it too much, too fast, that will overwhelm you and in many cases, discourage you.

It is actually like looking at our debt. It may seem really bad, sad, too much, but as we go along, it gets better and easier to understand.

As a type 1, my diabetes is in fact quite permanent, but in regards to type 2, my mother had that, did her meds, lost weight and in her case she was able to go off the whole medication trip with a weight loss of ‘only’ 25 pounds. Much like our debt, taking those little steps add up seriously.

If you want to email me about diabetes off list, feel free. I have no qualms about getting email <G>

Testing things are expensive, but if you like a certain meter, call the company. They usually GIVE these away as their money is made in the strips. I haven’t paid for a meter in 12 years.

I take care of my mother she has Diabetes , Alzhimers , Dimensia , Poor Blood Circulation , Irregular heart beat ( she has a pacemaker ) , Acid Reflux , and arthritis. I am getting better at cooking for her but she complains about the bland taste of the food. I try to get her to excersise and she refuses she said she is fine.

The expense is bad because of her insurances and what not I pay about 200.00per month for her Meds and insulin ( she takes 2 different kinds ). It is crazy and I ahve done alot of research and found a few ways to help her but I am still looking. I have asked the doctor about an Insulin pump and he said she is not ready for that yet. thank you for listening it gets a little frustrating.

IMO, I don’t see any ‘Yet’ regarding a pump. The fact she has all the other (mental) problems is usually contraindicative for pump therapy. Being on a pump means many tests a day, pro-activity in my daily care and very close communication with my doctor.

Of course it’s frustrating, especially when dealing in all the insurance ‘murble’ that goes with it. Some folks work their behinds off in trying to be regulated, and the body just doesn’t co-operate!

If your mom is on LILLY brand insulins, see about this with the company Eli Lilly. They had a program called “LILLY Cares” and they’d provide insulin very cheaply or at no cost in some cases. Also, I’d look into the appeal process for the insurances. They should require only an authorization for the insulin and her testing strips should be covered already.

Sounds like you both need a decent advocate, and if there is a Senior Center and AARP branch in your area, start there.