Check with your state’s department of human services

This may not be something you’d consider but check with your state’s department of human services, what used to be called welfare. Depending on your income you may qualify for help with medical bills. My grandma was diabetic. You MUST make sure you eat right or you’ll end up back in the hospital again.

Not to mention the cost of insulin and other doctor visits. Diabetes is a serious problem that won’t go away and it can lead to blindness, amputation of legs, heart problems, and it also slows your healing so that it takes longer to recover from injury, surgery, or illness. Please at least try. At least go to your public library and get some diabetic cookbooks and learn how to prepare meals the right way.

Thanks , First an apology for being so long in getting back to you as I am catching up on a full week worth of emails.

There is SO much out there about diabetes that I am a little overwhelmed. I hope to get this under control soon. I got a blessing as the medication (glucophage) the Dr put me on is on Wal Mart pharmacy’s special list and only cost 4.00. The glucose meter, strips and accessories were another story. I truly appreciate all the warm thoughts. Take Care. Blessed Be

I just had to write with a few ideas for you, I work in the medical field, right now as a phlebotomist, but before that I worked for a Dr. and ran his lab, instructed his diabetic patients, and ran numerous types of in office testing.

1) Diabetes is not great, but not a death sentence….you need to be an informed patient, and Most of all follow your Dr.’s orders to the tee.

2) most pharmaceutical companies have programs for those struggling….sounds like you’d def. qualify.. these could supply you with meds as well as test strips, lancets, glucose meters, etc. Also write to the companies of any other meds you may be on..they all have this free-to low fee program(tax breaks).

3) watch your diet, I know you’ve heard this before, but take a walk on down to your library. I say a walk because exercise is the BEST way to keep your sugar level down, and take a book out on the GLYCEMIC INDEX, THIS IS CRUCIAL TO GLUCOSE MAINTANENCE!!! fORGET ABOUT THE DIABETIC COOKING COOKBOOKS, studies have recently found that the glycemic index is the key to control.

4) stay away not only from sugar, but from WHITES. by this i mean no white bread, no white rice, no potatoes.. the book will exlain it all to you.

5) drink alot of water, and

6) excersize…walk, run, dance, do whatever…it will help. also if you test and your sugar level is high, try and drink a glass of water and go for a long walk, your glucose level will naturally get lower. Don’t forget to test your blood as your Dr. orders you to, you should also have a Hemaglobin a1c every three months.this is a test that will give your Dr. your average readings over that period.

7) i know this one will be hard, but try not to stress, THIS WILL RAISE YOUR SUGAR!!!!