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Something that helped me was that I knew I had to do this or I would lose my home and my kids were going to be hungry and cold.It did help that we had a very small income coming in but it was a very steady income. 20,000 a year.That was one third the income… Read Article →

This is a good topic. Sometimes budgeting can seem impossible. When we were going through some very tough times I didn’t even bother. When my husband was going through health problems and he was unable to work it seemed impossible. Then I had health problems and things got even worse financially for a couple more… Read Article →

I too struggle to keep within my budget. My main shortcoming is in groceries and dining. Even when I use cash, I still tend to overspend by borrowing from other envelopes or using my debit card for the excess. I am really trying to overcome this one. What do you struggle with? Are you doing… Read Article →

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