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I made an extra payment to the collectors and although I entered their 4 year pay off plan, I got a letter today acknowledging receipt of the $100.00 extra I sent to them, and he says the balance owed is $1100.00. This would be incredibly cool and it means I only have another four months… Read Article →

The FTC (federal Trade Commission) is who you are thinking of. They have a web site There are rules for collections. If you have told them not to call you at work they have to stop, they can not call you on your cell phone, “you are costing me money don’t call me agian”…. Read Article →

I have read that collection agencies can not continue to call you at work if you have told them not to, I also have read that they can not call on Sundays, and they also can not call you so many times a day that it’s becoming harrassing. Does anyone know if that’s true? Also,… Read Article →

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