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Does anyone know about consolidating student loans? Also, I know that there is a window for applying for loans. As in, if you are you should do them all at one time. Does that apply for credit cards too. Thanks in advance! No one told me this when I was just starting out. Maybe they… Read Article →

I made an extra payment to the collectors and although I entered their 4 year pay off plan, I got a letter today acknowledging receipt of the $100.00 extra I sent to them, and he says the balance owed is $1100.00. This would be incredibly cool and it means I only have another four months… Read Article →

Something that helped me was that I knew I had to do this or I would lose my home and my kids were going to be hungry and cold.It did help that we had a very small income coming in but it was a very steady income. 20,000 a year.That was one third the income… Read Article →

This is a good topic. Sometimes budgeting can seem impossible. When we were going through some very tough times I didn’t even bother. When my husband was going through health problems and he was unable to work it seemed impossible. Then I had health problems and things got even worse financially for a couple more… Read Article →

I too struggle to keep within my budget. My main shortcoming is in groceries and dining. Even when I use cash, I still tend to overspend by borrowing from other envelopes or using my debit card for the excess. I am really trying to overcome this one. What do you struggle with? Are you doing… Read Article →

I have a lot of school loans from my two children. I keep getting letters to consolidate them. Some one was telling my husband to take out a home equity loan to pay them off as then we could write off the interest on the home equity loan. Any opinions on that? Any suggestions about… Read Article →

This may not be something you’d consider but check with your state’s department of human services, what used to be called welfare. Depending on your income you may qualify for help with medical bills. My grandma was diabetic. You MUST make sure you eat right or you’ll end up back in the hospital again. Not… Read Article →

The FTC (federal Trade Commission) is who you are thinking of. They have a web site There are rules for collections. If you have told them not to call you at work they have to stop, they can not call you on your cell phone, “you are costing me money don’t call me agian”…. Read Article →

I have read that collection agencies can not continue to call you at work if you have told them not to, I also have read that they can not call on Sundays, and they also can not call you so many times a day that it’s becoming harrassing. Does anyone know if that’s true? Also,… Read Article →

I hope someone can help. I have over $500,000 in equity in my house but because of my bad credit rating, no one will give me a Home Equity Line of Credit. It would be such a huge help to consolidate my bills. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance. I am surprised that nobody… Read Article →

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